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Belling Machine (SGK-400)
1) SGK series Auto Plastic Pipe Belling Machine with drawing device and program interface concerned is used with extruding machine.
2) Adpoting ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Double Pipe Extrusion Line
1) The main machine is SJSZ51/105 or SJSZ65/132 conical twin-screw extruder, is equipped with double tube single-control stainless steel spraying shaper ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
PE Pelletizing Line
1. PE Pelletizing Line has adopted the advanced technology based on European.
2. According to different shapes of materials, we design different way to load. ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
High Speed Mixer (SHR)
1. Used for the processes of mixing, drying and dying in the industries of plastic, rubber, chemical and the place of lab as well.
2. The mixer lid adopt ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Dustless Cutter (QG-63)
1. No-Swarf Cutter is has special design of software in computer and the perfect makeup of precise machinery system.
2. In the condition of high-speed ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Printer (TM)
Application & Features:
1. This printer is used to print the pipe specification, model, factory name, brand, design etc on all kinds of pipes.
2. Delivery Lead ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Horizon Mixer (SRL-W)
1. Used for the processes of compounding, mixing, drying and dying as one of the most ideal equipment for the manufactures of profiles and tubes.
2. The ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Plastic Crusher
Application & Features

1. It is suitable for crushingwastes of engineering plastics and defective plastic runners to plastic granulates.

2. Adopting deafener ...
Min. Order: 1 set
Vibrating Sieve (ZS)
Applicaton & Features:
1. Applicable to sizing and screening granular material
2. Inclination to be regulated as per the operating requirement
3. Easy mesh ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
PET. PC. PP(Bottle, Flake) Recycling Line
1. Recycling Line can be used to wash, dewater and dry PET PC. PP Bottle Flake.
2. It takes the advantages of simple structure, easy ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Loader (ZJF)
Applicaton & Features:
1. Can be used with all kinds of extruder,
2. Can automatically carry plastic powder into the hopper of molding machine by means of a ...
Min. Order: 1 set
PE Film Recycling Line
1. PE Film Recycling Line can easily wash plastic products from beginning to finished products.
2. Waste and dirty agricultural film and waste packing ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Profile Extrusion Line
1) Profile Extrusion Line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, drawer and piling frame.
2) Coordinated with defferent profile ...
Min. Order: 1 Set
Double Winder (SPS400)
Applicaton & Features:
1. It adopts automatically winding, adjusting winding speed and winding method.
2. It has two disk for continuous winding.
3. It ...
Min. Order: 1 set
__Model: SWP400
__Feeding aperture: 20× 100mm
__Crushing capacity: 100-200kg/h
__Crusher power: 15kw
__Feeding machine power: 3kw
__Fixed blade: 2pcs
__Rotating blade: ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Model: SWP400
Crush Capacity: 100-200kg/h
Broken Motor Power: 15kw
Feeding motor power: 3kw
Fixed Blade Quantity: 2PCS
Rotating Blade Quantity: 3PCS
Rotating speed: 500r/min ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
__Main motor power: 30kw
__Movable blade quantity: 60pcs
__Inner diameter: 400mm
__Fixed blade quantity: 2pcs
__Hopper material: Stainless steel
__Cooling system: Water ...
FOB Price: US $3,600 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece
1. SJSZ65/132 Conical Double Screw Extruder:
__Screw diameter: 65/132mm
__Screw quantity: 2PCS
__Screw effective length: 1440mm
__Screw rotating speed: 1_35r/min
__Screw ...
FOB Price: US $37,000 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece
1. Heating Mixer:
Total Volume: 500L; Effective Volume: 375L; Motor power: 47/67KW; Speed of blade: 430/860r/min; Quantity of blade: 3PCS; Heating method: Self-friction heating; ...
FOB Price: US $18,000 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece
1. SJSZ65/132 Conical Double Screw Extruder
2. Mould:
__Specification: φ 50; φ 63; φ 75; φ 90; φ 110; φ 160;
__Material: 40Cr
__Surface treatment: Hard ...
FOB Price: US $25,500 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece